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Welcome to my web site, I hope you enjoy everything.  I have decided not to sell through PayPal any more, but you can still purchase my jewelry or books by emailing me on "contacts" on this web site or google "Amazon Kristine Buchanan" to buy my books.  Thank you!

1st place winner - Baltimore store
3rd place winner - Washington DC
2nd place winner - Virginia store
I have written 4 Micro Macrame books.  Each book has at least 8 projects that have been "class tested" (so to speak) with step-by-step written directions and accompanying pictures (I'm a picture person). 
And way before I did micro macrame projects, I worked in many other media, including peyote stitch, brick stitch, and all kinds of bead weaving.   I developed many projects in these areas and taught classes for many years.  Now I have decided to release some of these project instructions individually.  You can find these instructions and new micro macrame instructions under Art Sections - New Individual Projects.
The Art Gallery buttons in the left column contain a few pictures of my jewelry and paintings, some of which are for sale, some just for enjoyment, some to get your creativity flowing, and some to promote the projects in my books. 
I hope that you enjoy my site! 


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Oh my, I've started making jewelry here and there and stumbled across your website while looking for ideas. I'm obsessed! All of your work is SO interesting. Love it!!!
-- Christina Faye Downey, 9/18/18

Really enjoyed wandering around your website. There is so much to see. The pictures and colors so clear and your work is just beautiful.
-- Cindy, 5/30/11

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