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* Micro Macrame Necklaces * Micro Macrame Necklaces
Many of the necklaces are from my books, either the project, or a variation of the project, but some are just necklaces that I needed to make - you know how that is!

* Micro Macrame Bracelets * Micro Macrame Bracelets
I love wearing bracelets and most of these are in my books.  Look through them to see ideas of what you can do.

* Non Micro Macrame Jewelry * Non Micro Macrame Jewelry
Besides macrame, I also do Peyote Stitch jewelry, bead embroidery and handmade books (that have macrame and embroidery on them).

*Bead Embroidery *Bead Embroidery
First I did Peyote Stitch, then left it behind and fell in love with bead embroidery.  I like to mix the embroidery with freeform macrame, silk Shibori and book making.

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