Book 3 (Let's Mix It Up!)
Book 3 (Let's Mix It Up!)


The 3rd book in a series of 6 books by Kris Buchanan.  The projects are beginning to intermediate.  In it you will find projects for the Patchwork Pendant, The "O" Angel Necklace, Serpentine Necklace, Kimono Pendant Necklace, 1/2 Kimono Pendant Necklace, Great Wall Variations, FireCracker Necklace, 1/2 FireCrackers with a Different Look, Quick and Easy Bookmark and the Kumi-who! Freeform Necklace (Kumihimo instructions).   Examples of many of the projects can be seen in the Micro Macrame Necklaces and Bracelets sections.

Each book is 32 pages in full color with complete written instructions as well as step by step pictures of each project and basic knotting techniques.

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