Phineas Cat Bracelet (Time Warp variation)
Phineas Cat Bracelet (Time Warp variation)

When I saw this center bead I bought it right away, because I knew that I was going to adopt a black and white cat soon.  I looked and looked for just the right cat, but none of them "spoke" to me.  Finally, in January, I was eating at one of my favorite resturants at the Auburn airport (Wings)and one of the waitresses asked me if I would want a kitten.  There was a mother cat and 2 kittens that were ferral and she was going to catch them to find homes for them.  Well....of course I said "yes" and the only one that she could catch was the black and white one!!!  Yea!  So, my husband, granddaughter and I have named him Phineas J. Wings (the J stands for Jet).

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