Sky Pilot
Sky Pilot


Since most of my paintings are pink and purple (like most flowers), I try to branch out and find flowers in other colors, like blue.  The photograph I used was taken by my dad.  He has many books on flowers and can usually tell you the name of any flower you find, so I look to him to tell me.  Well, I had no idea what this flower was so I emailed him and asked him.  He promptly emailed me back "Why Kristine, I'm surprised that you don't know what that flower is…………it's a BLUE flower".  HA!  At last I had him stumped, but not for long.  He looked in his books for several hours and found that it is a "Polemonium" which has various other names, one of which is "Sky Pilot".  I liked that better than Polemonium and it is easier to say. The unframed size is 23 x 30.  The price is $1600 and you will have to call me for arrangements.

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