Hong Kong Reflections
Hong Kong Reflections


This painting was picked to be in Best of America Watermedia Artists, vol. II, by Kennedy Publishing.  When my husband, Bob, and I were in Hong Kong on our way to China we found that we had an extra day to kill.  We walked all around Hong Kong shopping and taking pictures.  We came to a hotel that had round mirrored pillars to hold up the building.  Because of the mirrors, everything was distorted.  I grabbed my camera and took lots of pictures (a whole roll).  I have started painting a series of 5 watercolors using the best perspectives from my roll of photos.  If you look real close you can see both my husband and I with long skinny legs.  I have finished one painting (which is already spoken for) and almost another.  They are done on 555 pound, cold press Arches watercolor paper and the size is approx. 23 x 41 1/2 (the width of each painting will be slightly different, but the height will be 41 1/2).  They will be available shortly for sale, or (of course) orders can be placed immediately on a first come, first serve basis. I am also willing to accept commissions.  With a commission I do insure you a delivery date and you can choose a particular perspective of the reflection which I will then not reproduce in another painting.  

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